The Best Fish Scale -It’s time to weigh that trophy!

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If you’re planning on catching some big fish and want to demonstrate with proof how good your angling really is, then you need to consider purchasing a quality digital scale.

Owning the best fish scale on the market will not only give you the ability to both prove and document your catches, but you’ll also feel great knowing more about your prized catches.

With ​so many different ​options available on the market today, we’ve decided to save you some time by breaking down what we feel are ​the best fish scale options out there​.

The ReelSonar digital fish scale comes with a large LCD screen and a clear digital display that makes all of your weigh-ins easy-to-read. You’ll also get a portable scale that can weigh up to 99lbs of fish and provides you with a 39-inch built-in tape measurer.

The Ultimate54 digital fish scale can weigh up to 110lbs of fish and is very lightweight and portable. You’ll also get an LED display and a 30-day money-back warranty with this product.

The Dr.meter digital hook scale can also weigh up to 110lbs of fish and comes with a tape measurer as well. It’s portable and provides you with a convenient, easy-to-use weighing system.

If you need an affordable, high-performance option for weighing your fish, then the ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale offers a variety of benefits that might interest you. You’ll get a good-performing scale that’s easy-to-read, efficient to use, and can help you document all of your angling success.

With the ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale, you’ll be able to measure fish in either pounds or kilograms, up to 99lb or 45kg. This digital fish scale can measure all types of fish and works for species like trout, salmon, walleye, musky, bass, catfish, panfish, and several types of both freshwater and saltwater fish.

The screen on the ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale is also helpful, since you get a large-easy-to-ready LCD that is bright and visible even when it’s dark outside. Plus, the scale also includes an excellent fish lip grabber with a stainless steel hook that won’t damage your prize catch.

With this scale’s 39in built-in tape measurer, you’ll not only know the weight of your fish but also the length. The ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale has been used effectively during tournament situations and also for everyday fishing, allowing anglers to prove they’ve caught record fish.

This portable fish scale comes with a long-lasting battery that also automatically shuts off to preserve battery life. The ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale also offers a variety of shipping and packaging options so that it arrives safely at your doorstep.

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​Affordable
  • ​Excellent, easy-to-see screen
  • ​Long-lasting battery

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​Could be more durable
  • ​Could provide more accurate readings

​Ultimate54 Digital Fish Scale

If you’re looking for a small, portable digital fishing scale that’s easy to bring along with you, then the Ultimate54 Digital Fish Scale just might be for you. If you’re the type of angler that likes to travel to a variety of fishing destinations by flying, you’ll be relieved to have this scale since it won’t pack down or overload the weight of your luggage.

For traveling anglers, the Ultimate54 Digital Fish Scale is so light it’ll save you money because you won’t have to worry about overweight suitcase fees, and you won’t have to unpack your bags only to re-pack them in front of a large audience. Plus, this scale can weight just about anything—from your fish to your luggage so that you can double-check what your airport luggage weigh-ins might be.

The Ultimate54 Digital Fish Scale also comes with an efficient, easy-to-see LED display that includes a backlight so that you can read it well whether it is dark or light outside. This fish scale also provides you with a tare button, which will help you clear out your readout while you are utilizing a container.

With the Ultimate54 Digital Fish Scale, you can measure your fish in a wide variety of different measurements including pounds, ounces, kilograms, and even jin (the Chinese measurement). You’ll also get a small, compact, easy-to use scale that’s easy to bring along with you no matter where you plan to fish.

The Ultimate54 Digital Fish Scale comes with a full two-year warranty and is so small and portable that it’s easy to ship. You’ll get a well-packaged, ready-to-use scale when it arrives at your door. 

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​Very portable scale which works well for well-traveled anglers
  • ​Tare button
  • ​LED screen

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​Handle could be bigger
  • ​Screen can be difficult to see at an angle

​Dr. Meter Digital Hook Scale

The Dr. Meter Digital Hook Scale advertises itself as a scale that provides you with excellent accuracy and a wide variety of functions. The scale is extremely portable and can be easily powered by two AAA batteries, which come when you buy the scale.

With the Dr. Meter Digital Hook Scale, you’ll get a large-sized digital LCD display, making your scale readings easy-to-see and record. The scale can weight up to 110lb or 50kg of fish, and you can get your weight results in either grams, kilograms, pounds, or ounces.

The Dr. Meter Digital Hook Scale also comes with a built-in tape measurer that can measure fish in centimeters, inches, and feet up to 1m in length. The scale is relatively easy-to-use and provides you with an efficient switch and an auto off function so you can save your batteries when not using your scale.

The Dr. Meter Digital Hook Scale has a stainless steel that’s very durable and works to keep your fish in place without damaging them. Since the unit is lightweight, it also offers a variety of shipping options and arrives at your door well-packaged and ready-to-use.

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​Full one-year warranty
  • ​Very portable
  • ​Easy-to use and easy-to-see screen

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​Handle could be bigger for easier handling
  • ​Hook could be bigger to handle fish more easily
  • ​Could provide more accurate readings

​Things To Look Out For When Buying The Best Fish Scale

​While you might feel that purchasing the best fish scale for your angling should be an easy and straightforward decision, you still need to consider a few things before you dive in and buy one. Below we’ve compiled a list of things you should consider about the best fish scale for you before you run out to buy one.

​Do You Plan to Fish Often?

​First, you need to think about how often you’re going to need the scale when you fish.

If you only get to hit the great outdoors to fish every now and then, but you still want to weigh your catches, you want to factor this into the type of scale you want to buy.

Purchasing a costly professional scale probably won’t do you much good if you don’t plan on angling all that often.

​If this is the case, then you just need something that’s both affordable and reliable. However, if you plan on angling often, then it’s probably worth it to spend more money for a more professional scale that will last you longer and you’ll get more use out of.

​Do You Fish During the Day or At Night?

​When you actually plan to hit the waters to do your angling will also dictate the type of fishing scale you purchase.

Most anglers try to ​​fish during peak fishing ​hours, ​which is usually ​early in the morning or at evening and night. So, if you plan to fish when the light isn’t all that bright, you’ll definitely want a back-lit screen that will allow you to read the scale even when it’s dark out.

However, if you plan on fishing only when it’s daytime, you won’t necessarily need a back-lit scale. ​This can make a difference in the price of the scale.

​How Important is Measuring Length?

​When you want to document your angling catches, you need to decide whether or not you need to know both weight and length of the fish.

Length isn’t a measurement that’s used as often when angling as weight is, but length is ​important if you want to take the fish home. In most places, it's illegal to take fish under a certain length requirement.

Some scales come with built-in measuring tapes, while others do not. Scales that lack measuring tapes aren’t necessarily bad scales, but if you do want to know the length of your catches, then opting for a tape measurer on the scale will be your best bet.

​Should You Buy a Digital or Analog Scale?

​Nowadays, when it comes to professionally weighing fish, digital scales have emerged as the latest tradition, and are used far more often than the older style analog scale.

However, some anglers still prefer the more historical approach to weighing their fish, and prefer analog scales.

Whether you decide to use a digital or analog scale is more a matter of personal preference, but it’s something you want to consider before purchasing your scale. 


​Our winner for the best fish scale is the Ultimate54 Digital Fish Scale ​because of its lightweight versatility and overall ability to meet its advertised performance standards.

While we’d love it to include a built-in tape measurer as well, it either meets or excels in all the other categories you should consider before you purchase the best fish scale for your angling.

The Ultimate54 Digital Fish Scale brings you an affordable digital scale that will perform well whether you fish during the day or at night. It’s also durable enough for those who like to fish more, but cost-effective enough for those anglers who fish only a few times a year.

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