Freshwater Fishing

How to Catch Bluegill TODAY – Easy and Tasty

​​Bluegill fishing is quite popular​ as they provide plenty of action and have a delicious taste. ​​Many anglers ​catch bluegill with their young kids as it is ​an excellent way to get their children hooked on the sport! For youngsters, the first ever fish they end up catching is the ​bluegill.​ So, you’re interested in bluegills but […]

Tips and Tricks on How to Catch Rainbow Trout

So, it’s rainbow trout you’re after? No wonder, as it’s quite common and incredibly easy to catch. But that doesn’t mean everyone knows how to do it! If you’re one of the people who have no idea how to catch rainbow trout, you’ve come to the right place.The purpose of this article is to teach […]

How To Catch Walleye In 4 Easy Steps

​The Walleye is one of the most challenging fish species to find. They have a reputation for being short strikers which means they’ll hit the bait without getting hooked.If you are a fishing enthusiast like us, then you are well aware that catching a sought-after fish like the walleye is sort of like a trophy. […]

3 Crappie Fishing Tips That Will Catch Them All

You have been on your boat all-day casting the line, waiting patiently for the right opportunity. Finally, you notice the tightening of your line, and it becomes difficult to pull it back up.However, fishing can be a frustrating enterprise. You could scout for the whole day, cast your line multiple times, change locations, and still […]