Protect Your Eyes With These Top Fishing Sunglasses

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Fishing sunglasses aren’t just an accessory to make you look cool while reeling in the big one. They also have profound health benefits to your eyes, as well as making the water you’re fishing in easier to see.

It is incredibly important that anglers understand what makes the best fishing sunglasses before purchasing ones that may just look ‘cool’. ​This article will be reviewing what we consider to be the best fishing sunglasses, so you can be sure to look the part and see clearly while reeling in the big one.

The Duduma Polarized Designer Sunglasses offer a sleek design with a large majority of features that will appeal to all kinds of anglers. The super light frames and 100% polarized lens’ make it a perfect all-year-round accessory.

J+S Aviator Glasses offer an exciting pair of sunglasses as they introduce the multi-layered lens’ to cut out glare completely. Perfect for those anglers who just can’t see the water!

LUNEX Aviator Glasses have manufactured a spectacular pair of sunglasses with features any angler can benefit from. With their frames aiming to promote a healthier, greener planet, it’s no wonder these are one of the most popular pairs of fishing sunglasses on the market.

​Duduma Polarized Designer Glasses

​Duduma polarized designer sunglasses offer a sleek polycarbonate frame for scratch and impact resistance, as well as a UV400 polarization on the lenses.

You can expect features such as 100% protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays, and a super light ‘TR62’ frame.

These sunglasses offer a variety of lens colours, including: black, blue, red and yellow with white, silver, black or red frames. 

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​100% UV protection polarized lens
  • ​Super light TR62 frame (25.5grams)
  • ​Great design
  • ​Color variances
  • ​Scratch/impact resistance

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​No specific filter for glare
  • ​No adjustable nose pads

​J+S Premium Military Style Aviators

​These J+S fishing sunglasses are offering a stylish aviator design, while maintaining 100% UV400 polarized coating on the lenses and a multi-layer filter to block 99.96% of glare – perfect for fishing on those sunny or gloomy days.

​These fishing sunglasses are offered in an array of colors to suit everyone’s needs. ​The aviators offer lens colors including black, brown, silver/pink and golden with black, gold or silver frames.

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​Adjustable anti-slip silicone nose pads
  • ​Multi-layer lens to cut out glare
  • ​Lightweight metal-alloy frame
  • ​Aviator design

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​UV coating – not implemented into the lens itself

​LUNEX Unisex Aviators

​LUNEX have designed this ​pair of fishing glasses to look slick while offering an environmentally friendly aspect to their product. With 5 colour options and a 60mm lens width, these fishing sunglasses are perfect for those who want high functionality, without breaking the bank.

These fishing sunglasses are offering a shatterproof lens with 100% UV400 protection, all while being manufactured from anti-allergy materials. These sunglasses offer lens colors such as black, green, brown, blue and orange with a choice of silver or gold frames. 

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​Adjustable nose pads
  • ​Resin polarized lens
  • ​Antioxidant metal frame
  • ​Environmentally friendly design
  • ​Anti-allergy design

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​Plastic materials means the durability is low
  • ​Flat lenses, therefore they sit a bit too close to your eyes

​Things To Look Out For When Buying The Best Fishing Sunglasses

​Every pair of sunglasses are different, whether it’s the design aspects or the materials they’re made from. In terms of fishing, polarization and anti-glare filters are a prime feature that your fishing venture will surely benefit from.

Fishing sunglasses with the added bonus of an anti-glare filter can really benefit those customers who go fishing during dusk and dawn, as the glare of the sun can impact your visibility of the water. It’s important to think of your fishing sunglasses as an investment, as they really could mean the difference between you catching the big one or not.

Adjustable nose pads are extremely handy in a pair of fishing sunglasses, after all – comfort is key. This feature is not for everyone – as some anglers just want sunglasses that block out the sun, no need for the fancy extras! Being able to adjust the pads to fit your nose bridge is a nice bonus.

Most fishing sunglasses also have some other features that are important, like the filters blocking out UVA & UVB rays – the most important aspect of any pair of sunglasses. Having a lightweight frame can also help promote a distraction-less environment, as you won’t know you’re wearing them.

​How to be Sure You Purchase the Right Pair of Sunglasses

When on the hunt for a pair of practical and good looking fishing sunglasses, the features advertised can be incredibly overwhelming. The main thing you need to be looking for is the health aspects, so UVB & UVA ray protection and polarization. The rest is just added to make the sunglasses look nicer, or specific features are added for specific activities i.e. anti-glare filter (perfect for us fishing folk!)

If you’re going to be fishing mainly during sunrise/sunset (here’s a handy tip: dusk & dawn is known to be the prime time for sea fishing!) then you’re going to need a pair of sunglasses with a heavy anti-glare protection filter – much like the J+S Aviators.

That being said, if you’re looking for more of a lightweight and practical pair of fishing sunglasses, where the only feature you’re needing is polarization, then the LUMEX and Duduma would be a perfect fit.

It’s a little-known fact that different colored lenses have different purposes (it’s not just about looks!).

For example, yellow and amber lens’ provide clarity in fog, haze, overcast, and other low-light situations – perfect for dawn/dusk fishing.

Mirrored lenses are perfect for cutting out glare on the water.

Standard grey glasses promote dimness on bright sunny days, while providing true colour perception.

Be sure to think about the types of fishing you do the most, and what features you’re going to need in a pair of fishing sunglasses before you go out and purchase a pair. For example, if you’re mainly a sea-fisher based on a boat, then you’ll need anti-glare properties as well as UVA & UVB polarization.

​What Are the Main Benefits/Advantages of Wearing Fishing Sunglasses?

Anti-glare filters and polarization are often the most important features in fishing sunglasses.

​Being able to see under the surface of the water is important for a number of reasons. Mainly because you need to see the fish, and then any object such as a log or branch that may snag the boat or your line.

It’s a well-known fact that dangers do lurk just below the surface and you need to be able to see them to avoid disastrous circumstances.


After careful comparison, we are absolutely confident in our decision of choosing the J+S Military Aviators as the best fishing sunglasses.

It has the most important feature out of all three we have reviewed today, that being the anti-glare filter.

The fact that these sunglasses offer such a vast array of features (polarization/lightweight/UVA & UVB protection) while still maintaining ​a decent price is astonishing. These sunglasses offer the stylish ‘top gun’ look while still appealing to those who require a robust and scratch resistance frame.

Even if you’re not a full-time anger, polarized sunglasses will help to protect your eyes outdoors no matter what activity you’re doing. Remember, not all sunglasses are the same, so be sure to look for the signs before purchasing. If they don’t mention they’re polarised – they’re not!

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