Angler Area’s Top 29 Fishing Related Blogs To Follow


We know how often you have to scroll through numerous different pages and blogs in order to find the proper information you may be looking for. We understand how obnoxious that can be so we have put together a list of 29 fishing blogs we think you should follow.

These blogs will not only provide you with accurate information, but they will help you become the best angler you can be.

Please Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. We're fans of all of them.

​The following blogs get our "Top 29 Fishing Blogs" Badge:

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Austin Kayak


Kayak fishing is a sport in itself. This blog takes you on a ​kayak fishing journey from start to finish. If you have been considering taking up kayak fishing, this blog will help guide you in the right direction.

It's resourceful without overloading you with information that you may not necessarily need. It offers a friendly atmosphere in a well-created blog space. They even have a product space where the best products used are reviewed.

Line & Sight


This family blog offers a fully rounded fishing experience with a personal touch. There are multiple different guides on fishing in different water scenarios, including salt water and fresh water.

The blog offers its readers the ability to share their experiences with others right on the platform. This allows you to connect with multiple different people who have the same interest in fishing by simply signing up.

Kayak Fishing Blog


Liam is the blogger behind this Kayak fishing blog, he is resourceful while giving his perspective on new ways to enjoy the sport. He speaks on maintenance for the kayak, safety measures and even gear that works best.

It is a full rounded blog with a display that works well. 

Field and Stream


Finding a good blog that will provide valuable information on stream fishing can be a bit difficult. This blog pays close attention to stream fishing as one of their main topics.

It offers fly fishing tips, personal stream stories, gear reviews and the latest tactics to help you catch any fish you want to catch. It creates a glossary space where you can find what you need in one simple layout.

Dish on Fish


​Did you have a successful saltwater fishing day and now you're in need of a tasty recipe? If so, this blog offers the ins and outs of great seafood cooking.

It offers nutritional recipes that help you learn how to incorporate healthier meals with seafood to your everyday diet. It's simple meals for everyone in the family. 

My Delicious Blog


My delicious blog is exactly what it says to be, absolutely delicious. It offers excellent recipes that are not only easy to make but they revolve around eating healthier and adding seafood options to your everyday meals.

Nicole, the blogger behind this blog has made it easy to find a new recipe whenever you need it. 

Mad River Outfitters


This fly fishing blog is constructed with the idea that information on fishing should be straightforward without unnecessary details. It provides important tips and tricks​ (they have a ton of fly tying guides) that allow the reader to work on their fishing skills with ease.

A unique feature this blog has is that it offers everything from trips, classes, guides, and instructions. They offer even a store with fishing gear and gadgets that help you become a better angler.

Trout Fisherman


Fly fishing is a sport on its own, therefore, it is important to learn how to do it the proper way. The key is working on your techniques and learning from others. This is exactly what this blog intends to do.

It is written in a friendly manner that allows you to perfectly understand the message the writer is trying to convey. Offering multiple different tips, tricks, and guides to perfecting your fly fishing ways, this blog will help you achieve what you sought out to do.

Angler Wise


From fishing gear reviews to best-tasting fish to catch, this blog has a little something for everyone. Its versatility and layout work perfectly because it gives you the ability to find exactly what you are looking for every single time.

There are so many options, you will spend hours on the blog looking to learn something new. We love the idea of a one-stop shop. 



Specializing in the San Juan, New Mexico fishing market, this blog takes a closer look at fishing in this area while providing valuable information on fly fishing in general. If you're a fan of fly fishing, you have to check it out!

There is even a section of stories where personal stories are shared. 

Aspiring Fly Fishing Blog


Aspiring fly fishing is a blog dedicated to beginners that want to take fly fishing to the next level. The idea is to have all the information you need in one single space. The great aspect of this blog is that it takes the journey of a father and son while they fish.

Think of it like a diary that you won’t want to stop reading. The stories are heartwarming and funny while teaching you something new along the way.

They also offer guided fly fishing trips so if you're ​about to visit New Zealand, it might be something to think about.


Rakkenes is a bilingual blog that features everything you need to know about fly fishing and fly tying in Norwegian and English. This detailed blog provides step-by-step information on numerous useful fishing techniques and hacks for different kinds of fish.

Not only do they share information on the fish, but they also share which baits and lures will work best with that fish.

Ultimate Fishing Site


The Ultimate fishing site is a blog that offers just that, “the ultimate fishing experience.” This blog offers from fishing trip guides to destinations and what to expect in these areas. The complexity of the blog allows you to be able to find all the information you need in an easy display.

It also includes guides and video tutorial to further elaborate on the given topic.



Have you ever wanted to have a blog where you can find cool tips and tricks and purchase what you need? If so Orvis is the perfect blog for you. This blog offers fly fishing guides while providing the proper gear and where they can be accessed right on the site.

This makes life a whole lot easier because you don't need to search for the item. If you are in interested in the item can go ahead and purchase it right, then and there.



If you are looking for a step by step guide on how to catch your desired fish, this is the ideal blog for you. This blog offers a step by step guide on fishing with clear and captivating images that flow off the page. The beauty of this is it allows you to fully understand what each step is trying to convey.

The Hopper Juan


Created by Juan Ramirez, this blog takes you on a journey with Juan. He created a blog that is informative and personal all at once. He allows the reader to feel as if they are with him learning every step of the way.

​Juan is a part of Member of the Montana Fly Company Design Team and travels to fish in different states. The beauty of this is what he learns he shares with us.

Yobi Adventures


Are you a beginning angler and want to have a specific place where you can find guides dedicated specifically to beginners? The Yobi Adventures blog makes the effort in focusing on taking beginners on a ride towards becoming better anglers, one guide and step at a time.

His easy-going guides are easy to follow and make learning fun.

Oregon fly fishing


Quick, easy tales that paint a picture for anglers that want to get ahead and learn the tricks of the trade from the industry. This blog is the perfect space for those that are a bit more advanced in the world of fly fishing. It also offers videos for easy comprehension.

Fishing with Rod


Fishing with Rod is a blog devoted to fishing trips and experiences around British Columbia. It takes you on different fishing trips Rod himself is on.

The great aspect about this is you get to see the trails, moments and what he was able to catch along the way in a detailed composition.  He also shares new tips he learned on all his trips. 

Payne Outdoors


If you're interested in kayak fishing or a specific fishing product review, look no further​. This blog was created with the intention of being the perfect fishing review glossary.

The reviews are extensive and provide plenty of details on what the pros and cons of the items are as well as how well they will work in different scenarios.

Take Me Fishing


The Take Me Fishing Blog is the perfect mixture ​of education and entertaining. The blog offers information and experiences on not just fishing, but boating as well. It This concept works well because it allows you to understand fishing on boats.

If you are a fan of boating this blog will provide you with useful knowledge while being personable.

Outdoor Canada


If you are a Canadian angler this site will be of great asset to you. The blog works around fishing, outdoors in Canada. They have extensive guides for fly fishing, ice fishing, hot spots, and what are the best places to fish during any season.

It is all laid out in one simple blog that is easy to navigate through.

Go Saltwater Fishing


Are you a saltwater angler? If so, this blog will teach you a thing or two about saltwater fishing. The blog breaks down saltwater fishing in all aspects, from fishing on a boat to shore fishing.

It even has an area that teaches you how to cook the different ​fish that you catch.

Canoe Kayak


If you want a space that is dedicated to kayaking and DIY fishing projects this is one of the best. This blog offers kayaking with direct information and video footage that allows you to feel as if you are on the trip with them.

The DIY projects featured on this blog are just as great because they offer ideas on how to use objects found around your home to create contraptions that will help make fishing on a kayak a lot easier. 

Spey Brothers


Just like the name states, this blog was created by a set of brothers that are passionate on fishing, salmon fishing to be exact. The blog touches base on all fishing types, but it does take a close look at salmon fishing and where you can find the best salmon.

Not many bloggers and anglers focus on salmon fishing. Therefore, this blog stands out from most as it does cover every area of the topic. 

Bonefish on the Brain


An easy, relatable blog with information on catching the best catch you possibly can. This blog has a friendly aspect to the knowledge that is being shared. There is plenty of information on how to catch bonefish as the blogger is a huge fan of bonefishing.

We love the idea of this blog being conversational. It gives us the ability to truly feel as if we are connecting with like-minded people. 

Bud N' Mary's Florida Keys Fishing Marina


Bud N' Mary's Florida Keys Fishing Marina blog is the perfect place when you are looking for a blog that offers extensive information from how-to articles and future hurricane events. The blog is purposely dedicated to ocean fishing in the Florida area.

This can be very useful if you are in the Florida area and need to find specific information for your next fishing trip. Additionally, the blog has tips and tricks to achieve a grander catch.

Sea Fishing for Beginners


Are you a beginning sea angler? Do you want to find a space that is dedicated to beginners? If that is the case, this blog may be the perfect place for you. Just like the name states, Sea Fishing for Beginners is a blog dedicated to making a beginning angler into a professional in no time.

The guides are easy to follow​ and straight to the point.


These blogs take the guessing game out of fishing and provide information that will help you become a better angler in little to no time. Please let us know if you have a fishing blog that is your personal favorite.

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    How do you hook up the line for pier fishing

  3. Angler Area

    July 12, 2019, 9:47 am

    Hi Steve, you could use any of the above knots, maybe with the exception of the turtle knot. Our favorite is the snell knot and we’ve had a lot of success with it in freshwater and saltwater fishing. I hope that helps!

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    Thanks for the tips going to give it a try and and see how the results of this are.

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