The Best Tackle Box for Fishing – Never Leave Home Without It

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Every fishing enthusiast knows no fishing trip is complete without a tackle box. A quality tackle box will help you save a lot of time and money. However, with that being said, there are hundreds, if not more, different tackle boxes on the market.

So much so that we had to test out a few ourselves to find out which are the best tackle boxes out there. During our research, we have found what is in our opinion the best tackle box. Nevertheless, we also found a few other options that we think work just as well.

Here is our take on the best tackle box and best tackle bookbag we think every fishing enthusiast should consider. 

Tackle Bag – Berkley- Features a padded interior to help maintain all of your fishing gear in place. It is one of the features we enjoyed most as thanks to this our trays remained in their place the entire time.

Wild River Nomad backpack- We love the adaptability this tackle bookbag has to offer. It has a pocket and a specific space for everything you may need to go finishing. The ability to store everything in one place is pretty much essential when you go on a fishing trip.

Plano box-  Space and more space. This tackle box is all about having storage space and we completely love it. There is so much space featured in this you can ultimately take every single fishing gear you own with you every single time.

Although, you can find similar aspects to these fishing equipment tackle boxes, each of them contain unique, quality features that we have enjoyed testing along the way.

​Tackle Bag – Berkley

The Tackle Bag-Berkley happens to be an exceptional option when it comes to upgrading your existing tackle box. Its wide-ranging qualities make this tackle box an excellent top-notch product making it in our opinion, one of the best tackle box options.

There are particular features we have come to fall in love with. One of them being its ample storage. This tackle bag is structured with multiple different compartments that allow you to store all your much-needed fishing equipment.


One of the features we are most keen on is its removable shoulder strap.

The removable shoulder straps are great for comfortable transportation. It puts you in control of how you carry your tackle bag.

We found that with this feature we were able to carry all of our fishing gear without the tackle bag ever feeling heavy. It actually felt lightweight the entire time.

One of the main reasons we wanted to test out this tackle bag, in particular, is because of its size. It is a bit smaller than other tackle bags. ​With that being said, we never really felt like we needed a larger bag because of how much space this bag has to offer.

The ample space combined with the 2 tackle trays that it comes with provide a convenient yet secure place to store all the necessary fishing gear that you may need on your trip. The tackle trays were very dependable and closed properly. We personally loved this as we never felt the need to ensure all of our fishing equipment was still in the compartments we had placed them in.

It comes with a mesh front pouch that allowed us easy access to any tools that we needed quickly and on hand. This feature caught us a bit by surprise as we didn’t think we would end up using it as much as we actually did.

Although the features on this tackle box are exceptional the aesthetics of it is also a plus as it is pleasing to the eye while also being a great size for everyday travel. 


​Its ease of use and secure double tackle trays provide a quality tackle bag that cannot be beat for its cost. In fact, we can even say many other tackle bags that were double the price didn’t even come close the features this tackle bag provides.

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​Very light-weight
  • ​Durable
  • ​Comes with two secure tackle box trays
  • ​Easy access mesh front pocket

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​If you are going on a long fishing trip you may need a larger bag
  • ​May not fit your larger tackle trays that you already own
  • ​Might not be the best tackle bag for fishing experts

​Wild River Nomad backpack

The Wild River brand has actually manufactured multiple different tackle fishing gear bookbags, but the Wild River Nomad backpack is said to be their best tackle bookbag yet. When we heard that we immediately knew we had to take it for a test run.

During our research, we discovered that the Wild River Nomad backpack features an integrated LED light system.  This feature really caught our eye as not only have we never come across an LED light system on a tackle bookbag, we love the idea of being able to go fishing from dusk to dawn and everything in between.

Much to our surprise, this feature worked just as advertised. The LED light system worked perfecting in helping us fish at any time during the day and night. It was actually quite useful as the lights weren’t over bearing instead they gave us perfect lighting when we needed it most.

The durability of the Wild River Nomad backpack is undeniable. It is very sturdy and even comes with ample storage space. In fact, you can carry up to 6 medium number 3600 trays and 4 number 3500 trays on the lower storage compartment.

This was a dream for us as we were capable of taking everything we needed on our fishing trip in one single bookbag. With that being said, this is an excellent tackle bookbag for taking long fishing trips.

It also comes with a handy work surface which turned out to be quite convenient when we wanted to change the bate on our fishing rod or have a surface to work on. The internal and external mesh pockets made it easy for us to see what was in them.  We liked this as it didn’t require us to search the book bag for what we needed.

The aesthetics of this tackle bag was not our favorite as it was quite bulky. This was not a defect for us, but if you like to travel lightweight then you may want to try one of our other options instead. 


​In our opinion, this tackle bag is one of the best tackle bookbag we have come across. The quality, durability and ample space make up for the pricy price point. If you are looking for a tackle bookbag that will last for many years to come you may want to consider this one the cost per value is excellent for this product. 

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​Ample storage
  • ​LED light system
  • ​Sturdy design
  • ​Protective rain covers
  • ​Handy work surface

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​Bulky
  • ​Can become quite heavy if you fill up all the storage space it has

​Plano box

Using a Plano box for carrying your fishing gear is not as common anymore. Many fishing enthusiasts will consider using a tackle bookbag instead. The main reason being Plano boxes tend to be bulky and/or heavy.

However, when we came across the fact that this Plano box was redesigned to be more compatible with the everyday fisher we knew we had to give it a try. This Plan box was designed to carry all your fishing gear in one space.

One of the features we loved is the storage ability this Plano box has. Having ample storage is always a plus in our opinion, it allows you to carry all your fishing gear wants and needs in one single place.

This Plano box, in particular, contains four 2-3701 utility boxes that are removable. Each of these boxes can be added in or removed separately when needed. They are also clear so you can see which item is where without opening each one every time you may need it.

We personally enjoyed putting different fish bait in these as we were able to get them with ease. One on the very top and one underneath of this Plan box it offers storage space for larger items such as car keys, sunscreen, lotion, or any small fishing knife you may need.

The three removable bait racks are great for placing different smaller items that you may need. With that being said, because of the size of the bait racks we weren’t able to place as many items as we wanted to inside of them. That became a drawback for us.

Overall the durability of this Plano box was a selling point for us. It is extremely durable, which means it will withstand any wear and tear without missing a beat.

The aesthetics of this Plan box were pretty ordinary. There was nothing on it that stood out to us, instead, it looked like plenty of other Plano boxes that we had encountered before.

The size of this Plano box can be a drawback depending on the person it is very big in size. Therefore, if you are looking for something small and compact while being lightweight you may want to look somewhere else.


​The cost per value of this Plano box is average. Although, it does have some good features the price could be better.

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​Durable appearance
  • ​Removable bait racks
  • ​Double storage space
  • ​Removable utility boxes

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​The aesthetics of it could be better 
  • ​Somewhat bulky
  • ​Pretty big

​Do You Really Need a Tackle box and/or Tackle Bookbag?

​The answer is Yes! Having a tackle box and/or tackle bookbag that will help you carry all your necessary fishing equipment is the best way to go. Not only will it save you time, but it will also save you money as you will not feel the need to constantly pick up pieces of fishing equipment you may have left at home.

​Fishing Essentials You Need to Have in Your Table Box

Once you have found the perfect tackle box for your fishing equipment, you need to know what to have inside of it. In our opinion, you can never be overly prepared when you go on a fishing trip.

Before you begin packing your essentials you need to know what kind of fishing you will be doing. Will it be freshwater fishing? Or saltwater fishing? Your fishing reel, rod, and line will all depend on this.

Consider the following essentials when putting together your tackle box:

Extra Line​ - ​​​​It is always important to carry extra line. There is always a chance that your fishing line will break.

​Extra Hooks - Fill your tackle box with multiple different hooks so you are prepared for any fish you may come across while fishing. Regardless of what kind of hook you carry make sure you have them in different sizes.

​Floaters - Floaters are always a good idea to have as they help guide you when you have caught a fish.

​First Aid Kit - When you go on a fishing trip, there is no telling what might happen. Therefore, it is in your best interest to have a first aid kit that includes the essentials such as alcohol pads, band-aids, Neosporin and medical tape.

​Sunscreen - It's essential to wear sunscreen if you are fishing during the day. Always protect your skin.

​Sunglasses - It is also essential to maintain sunglasses nearby to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays as well.


To conclude after our extensive research and testing we have come to the determination that out of our top three best tackle box options the Tackle Bag- Berkley blew all of them out of the water. Its durability and ability to compartmentalize everything we needed to go on a fishing trip while being compact was excellent in our opinion.

This was a unique feature as the Wild River Nomad backpack and the Plano box did not offer this. With that being said, if you are seeking to find a tackle bag that will get the job done, it is safe to say that the Tackle Bag- Berkley is the better choice. 

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