Start Catching More Bass With These Top Crankbaits

green and white crankbait with a green tail

If you happen to be a fishing aficionado like us then you are well aware that no fishing tackle box is ever complete without multiple different bass lures. One of the best and well-known bass lure is a crankbait.

The crankbait is a hard bait with a rounded body and a hook at the end that was designed to imitate the look and movement of baitfish.

With that being said, there are numerous different kinds of crankbait options. So much so that we decided to test a few and find the best crankbait for bass fishing. Not only were we able to find what is in our opinion the best crankbait for bass fishing, but we also found a few other options that worked just as well.

wLure Minnow Crankbait- One of the features we loved from this crankbait is its life like body and movement. In fact, once launched in the water, it became kind of difficult to spot the difference between a real fish and this crankbait.

LotFancy 30 PCS Fishing Lures- These fishing lures were a bit smaller than the ones we are accustomed to using. With that being said we were pleasantly surprised that they worked very well for light cast. We also noticed they were excellent for beginning fisher enthusiasts.

Bomber Triple Threat- We love the hooks on this crankbait. They are sturdy and reliable while being extremely durable. Catching a bass, pike or any other fish became easier when we used this crankbait.

Rebel Pop R Triple Threat- The feature that caught most of our attention was the fact that this is a topwater crankbait. A topwater crank bait sits at the top of the water waiting for a bass to try to snag the “catch”. This made it easy for us to catch bass with little to no effort needed.

​wLure Minnow Crankbait


​Once we fell in love with the aesthetics of this crankbait we knew we wanted to test out how well it would perform. We are happy to report it did not disappoint. It not only looks like a real baitfish but it also acts as one as well.

Another feature we were particularly keen on was the durability that it offers. Although, this crankbait is made out of hard plastic it was very durable.

The cast on this crankbait was also great as it is light weight. This allowed us to cast our line as far or as close as we wanted to without feeling as if this crankbait weighed down our fishing line.

The crankbait does come with a rattle. However, we were not so fond of it because of how loud it was. We also did not feel as if the rattle made a significant difference.

We used this crankbait in multiple different types of waters and we are happy to report that it worked well in each and every one of them. The depth of these lures is also pretty good as we were able to have the dive approximately 1-3 feet underwater.


​Its ease of use and durability provide a quality crankbait at an even better price. In fact, we enjoyed using this crankbait so much we can testify many other expensive crankbait options did not come close to the quality that this one offers. 

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​Sharp preinstalled hooks
  • ​Light weight
  • ​Durable
  • ​Versatile cast
  • ​Excellent option for other expensive brands

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​Loud rattle
  • ​Comes in flimsy storage case
  • ​We did note that the square bill was not as stable as we would’ve like it to be.

​LotFancy 30 PCS Fishing Lures


These fishing lures were designed to work their very best in fresh water. Therefore, we did our testing in fresh water and found that they made fishing easier.

One of the main reasons for that was the aesthetics. These fishing lures have 3D eyes, which we didn’t think much of when we first started using them. However, the longer we used them the more we realized that thanks to that more and more fishes were attracted to our line.

The 3D eyes helped further camouflage our line as inside of the water the fishing lure appeared like one of the freshwater fishes that were already there. This caused us to have the ability to catch more fish at a quicker speed.

The cast on these fishing lures was not the best as they couldn’t go as far as we wanted them to. However, if you want a light cast when fishing then this crank bait, maybe the one you need to add to your collection.

When it came to the quality on these fishing lures they are durable and sturdy while being easy to reel back and forth when casting a line. Also, the hooks on these are metal and preinstalled. Therefore, setting up a line to fish was quick and easy.

These are an excellent option to add to any starter kit.


​These fish lures definitely worth the cost value. They are affordable and do exactly what you want them to do without feeling like you need to add anything to them. This was important to us as we wanted to find a fishing lure that would work on their very own. 

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​3D eyes were a great feature
  • ​Aesthetically pleasing
  • ​Easy to travel with
  • ​Durable 
  • ​Easy to navigate around hazardous waters
  • ​Pre-installed hooks

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​The cast could be better
  • ​If you want to catch larger fish you may need larger lures
  • ​May not be the best option for fishing experts

​Bomber Triple Threat


One feature we really enjoyed in particular about this crankbait is that it was designed for deep-waters. What this means is it will dive into any body of water approximately 6 feet on the cast and 9 feet on the trolled.

If you are keen on fishing in deep-waters this may be the crankbait you may want to add to your fishing equipment collection.

Thanks to this feature we were able to cast a deep and further cast, which we really enjoyed as we were capable of exploring more of the lake than we normally would.

This crankbait is very aesthetically pleasing as it features a realistic body so it can seamlessly glide on the water. The construction on this crankbait is also great as it is sturdy and durable. You can feel the durability when you are using it.

It does come with a rattle that makes a slight humming sound and helps with realistic water movement. However, we didn’t think it made a huge difference in the way the crankbait performed. Therefore, it was not a necessary feature for us.


​With all the cool features that this crankbait has to offer, we think the price is great. It is cost effective while getting the value you expect from a Bomber product.

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​Can be used in all water types
  • ​Durable and sturdy
  • ​Designed for deep water
  • ​Price
  • ​Excellent dive
  • ​Double hooks 

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​The rattle didn’t really make a difference in the amount of fish we caught 
  • ​They are a little bigger than the usual crankbaits
  • ​The package they come in could be better

​Rebel Pop R Triple Threat


One of the features that we loved was the fun aspect of these topwater crankbaits. It became fun to fish again. Many times, fishing can become competitive instead of fun and relaxing. With these, we found that they brought back fun into every fishing scenario.

After we noticed how well they worked in shallow water we decided to test them out in multiple different bodies of water and found that they work well anywhere they are placed. In our opinion, this was a huge advantage for us as it allowed us to fish anywhere we desired without the need of changing the crankbait.

When it came to the aesthetics of these crankbaits they did not disappoint. They come in bright colors and patterns that give them a more realistic look and feel.

The cast on these is pretty average once you cast them into the water they will stay put. This was not a defect for us. However, if you are looking for a crankbait that acts like live bait you may want to consider the other options we tested.


​These crankbaits are very affordable. In fact, we think for the value that you are receiving these could cost a lot more.

​​​​​What We Like:

  • ​Durable appearance
  • ​Sturdy pre-installed metal hooks
  • ​Bright colors and patterns
  • ​Makes fishing fun again
  • ​Easy to store

​What We Didn't Like:

  • ​Not much movement
  • ​Somewhat small
  • ​Cast can be better

​Things To Look Out For When Buying ​Crankbaits

The best crankbait for you will ultimately depend on what your goals are when it comes to fishing. Do you want a crankbait that will function in all bodies of water? Or are you seeking a crankbait that will act like a live bait?

Once you have answered these questions, you will be able to find the best crankbait for bass to add to your tackle box. In the meantime, here are a few things to keep in mind.

​Diving Depth

This is quite simple to determine. Just ask yourself the following questions: How deep is the body of water I will be fishing in? and How deep is the body of water I wish to fish in? Once you have come up with two exact numbers you will have the ability to find which crankbait will work best for your current and future fishing trips.

It is important to keep in mind that every crankbait sinks to a different depth. Some crankbaits were designed to dive deep into the water and others were designed to be top water. Knowing the depth in which your crankbait will dive in will allow you to find the best option for you.

​Color Selection

​Colors are very important when it comes to crankbaits. The reason being, bass is known for being attracted to color. Therefore, the crankbait you select should offer bold enough colors that catch the immediate eye of a bass as soon as it lands in the water.

​Special Features

​Last but not least it is important to keep in mind what special features you would want your crankbait to have. Do you want a crankbait with a rattle? Or do you prefer a realistic crankbait? Special features can add to your fishing experience and help you catch the fish you desire. However, they are not necessary.

​Is a Crankbait Necessary to Go Fishing?

​Yes and no. If you are a fishing enthusiast then you may find having a crankbait is not only loads of fun, but they can make catching your desired fish a lot easier. ​With that in mind, if you choose not to add a crankbait to your fishing essentials you will notice that much of a difference. 


After concluding with our extensive research, we have come to the conclusion that out of the 4 crankbaits, our winner for the ​best crankbait for bass ​is ​​​the wLure Minnow Crankbait​.

The reason we choose this crankbait is because of its durability. Even though, LotFancy 30 PCS Fishing Lures, Bomber Triple Threat and Rebel Pop R Triple Threat were durable the wLure Minnow Crankbait blew them all out of the water.

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